Shop Drawings that are Clear & Comprehensive.

Typical layout of a shop drawing:

Cover Page:

This sheet contains all the miscellaneous job information including: general notes, framing, door & door hardware information, window & window hardware notes, glass type descriptions, general contractor information, architect information, job location & glazing contractors information. (We can customize the cover page to include any additional needed information)

Floor plans:

The floor plans are generally drawn to scale (“D” size sheet) and contain the locations of all the work shown on the shop drawings. All work is keyed with an elevation tagging for location purposes.

Building Elevation:

The Building Elevations if desired can provide further clarification as to frames and their locations on the building and their relationship to one another.
Building Elevations are available upon request, generally not part of our standard set of drawings but can be incorporated to suit your need.


The elevations are typically drawn to scale at 3/8” = 1’-0” (“D” size sheet). Typical elevations include all dimensioning, quantities, architectural references, and detail balloons with sheet numbers, door numbers and door swings.


The Details are typically drawn in Half or Full Scale (“D” size sheet). Typical details include dimensioning, architectural references, perimeter construction and notes, anchoring locations are also noted. All specified anchoring types if required will be provided by the customer. Manufacturer Standard Details will be used along with their accompanying part numbers.

Door Schedule:

Typical door schedules include all door dimensions, numbers and hardware sets if sets are provided. (“D” size sheet).

Please note, that this is our standard method of preparing shop drawings. The shop drawings can be drawn as per your standards but if you require more or less information than what is explained above, let us know. Any project that requires a unique approach will be custom designed for you.

Charrette Studios Inc. does not employ a licensed Engineer but we will gladly work in conjunction with an Engineering firm of your choice or we can refer you to one if the drawings require a PE stamp. The cost for such engineering would be handled by the customer & it would not be provided by Charrette Studios Inc. Charrette Studios Inc. billing would not include those Engineering costs.

Upon completion of shop drawings Charrette Studios Inc. will provide complete set of PDF drawings ready for review, if any additional adjustments are needed they will be addressed & a Submittal Set of drawings in PDF form will be sent via email.
CAD files are available upon request for a small cost. All copies of submittal shop drawings will be the responsibility of the customer.

Sample Drawings